Salon Red: Establish your Online Presence – SBAPartnership

This is a very nice video by the SBAPartnership that shows how a brick and mortar business is using the Internet to increase their business. The Salon Red hair Salon provides a creative and compassionate environment in Decatur, GA. It excels in the services industry because it uses a website and local listings to help customers find its locations and book appointments. This video is part of a group of SBAPartnership videos by the partnership between the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Google that was created to help small businesses leverage the power of the Internet. You can find more information at


Content Marketing – A Conversation with AWeber and Joe Pulizzi – Aweber Video

This is a great video from Aweber interviewing Joe Pulizzi, aka the "Godfather of Content Marketing" about how to get the most out of your content marketing efforts. The interview draws on several topics from Joe's new book, Managing Content Marketing,


10 Evergreen Strategies To Boost Your Freelance Writing Career – Michael Chibuzor for

Michael Chibuzor talks about the 10 key things you should be doing with your blog posts to make them valuable to readers for a long timePhoto by skylightpictures and in turn make you money for a long time. I found this great post on Envato's website. Frelanceswitch always has great content you follow at

Michael's Post:
Every business that’s done online revolves around content marketing. In fact, the web is powered mostly by written words. Your ability to combine common words into concise sentences could lead to income opportunities for you.

But writing in itself cannot make you money as such. You need to apply “CREATIVITY” and “STRATEGY” so that your efforts are not in vain. I’ve interacted with semi-skilled writers, newbie writers and expert copywriters, and contrary to what we’ve been told, making money online as a freelance writer is not based solely on expertise. See the complete post at: 10 Evergreen Strategies To Boost Your Freelance Writing Career.


Getting the Gist of SEO by Andre Kibbe


Andre Kibbe posted a great article about SEO on Freelanceswitch that I wanted to bring to our audience.

Visits to your website from social networks and regular readers are examples of social traffic. You get rewarded with social traffic as long as you stay on the hamster wheel of posting on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, only to see that traffic disappear when you stop posting.
A more sustainable approach to building an audience is to channel your energy into building search traffic. Instead of increasing your friend count on Facebook, spend your time getting your posts to rank well in Google and other search engines.  Read the rest of the post at Getting the Gist of SEO.

Andre Kibbe 


Paul Boag: Get Clients to say ‘Yes!’ – Video from FreelanceSwitch

This is interesting discussion by one of my favorite podcasters Paul Boag as he gives high quality advice about strategies for working better with web design clients at FOWD NYC from Carsonified for FreelanceSwitch. For more info on FOWD NYC, just head over to


Business Hurt by Groupon Rush Draws on New Clientele for Aid – JEFF GELLES

PHILADELPHIA -- The Internet nearly killed Amy Kunkle's business when an ill-advised Groupon offer drove her thousands of dollars into a hole. But the Internet also helped save it. Kunkle owns Food for All Market, a cafe and shop in Mount Airy, Md. Food for All serves a special niche: people wary of certain foods - nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, and others - that cause them allergic reactions.
Read more here:

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Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women entrepreneurs, example not exception –

Full talk available at
Women Entrepreneurs, Example Not Exception by Reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon (Gayle writes about women entrepreneurs around the world). In this inspiring video she gives examples of women entrepreneurs across the world. She argues that women running all types of firms– from home businesses (such as freelancing) to major factories– are the overlooked key to economic development.


10 Extraordinary Examples of Effective Link Bait by Jon Cooper

SEO consultant and blogger Jon Cooper (Point Blank SEO) has put together a great post about creating effective links for your website.  The post puts together ten great examples of effective ways to get more traffic which point to the following key principles:

  1. Get influencers involved.
  2. Make it easy to understand.
  3. Give away free stuff.
  4. People love lists.
  5. Choose a highly desired topic.
  6. People like personalized content.
  7. Establish it as the go-to resource.
  8. Make it visually appealing.
  9. Segment large lists to make them readable.
  10. Use social share buttons.

Goto the post on

SEOmozJon Cooper


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