The 5 Best Places to Market Your Site

Online marketing is often made out to be more complicated than it is in reality. All you need to do is create awesome content and set it up to propagate effectively. Leveraging the power of the right social Market Your Sitenetworks to do the heavy lifting for you is a wise way to start. Here are five of the best platforms for marketing your site online.

The genius of Reddit and the underlying reason why it's surpassed Digg is its customizable user experience. Reddit allows users to submit posts to various sub-categories, where they're voted up or down based on their popularity and usefulness. Though bad content will flounder, solid posts have a way of going viral and can be a powerful method of marketing a site.

When it comes to spreading the word about your Internet business, Pinterest is the latest hot ticket. In a nutshell, Pinterest allows users to post pictures and infographics from any site to share with other users. It's the perfect way to market your site indirectly by laser-targeting user demographics and visually piquing their interest in your web pages.

As the grandaddy of social media portals, Facebook is the obvious go-to platform for making connections and increasing your online visibility. Though the ROI from Facebook-based efforts are often lower than with other sites, you can't beat the sheer volume of traffic that can be obtained from Facebook marketing.

Though you'll obviously need to do a bit of basic video creation to take advantage of YouTube, it's ultimately one of the most effective ways of capturing the interest of your intended audience. YouTube's social sharing features have really matured since its founding, and it's now a massive social marketing powerhouse that can substantially improve the appeal of your Internet business.

In the past few years, Twitter has truly come into its own as a way to market websites and attract new readership. Due to the inherent nature of this micro-blogging service, you don't have much time to turn a Tweet view into a click-through. As such, you'll have to focus your efforts on matching your broadcasts with your followers. If you can manage to master this skill, however, the rewards from Twitter can be immense.

The Last Word
Regardless of which social media engine you use to bolster traffic, the success of your efforts will always depend on content. It takes a lot of pressure to turn a lump of coal into a diamond, so avoid pushing substance-less promotional material at your audience. Deliver outstanding and helpful content, respect your visitors and let the social media machines do the rest.

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