The 5 Easiest Tools for Finding High Ranking Keywords for Google

KeywordsSearching for high-ranking keywords for Google does not have to be difficult. Web designers can simply use user-friendly websites to find the number of people using specific keywords in an industry. Most websites simply list the number of people searching for the keyword or phrase online, but volume alone is not enough. Users must also know the amount of competition for the word. Medium to low competition and high volume will yield the most effective high-ranking keywords.

1. Alexa


Alexa is a popular tool used to find the highest ranking keywords in an industry. Website designers can enter the primary keyword for a product or service to determine all the related words and how the words are ranked. For instance, the top keywords for “laptop” may include brand names of laptops and other related keywords. The number of people who searched for the term in a given period of time will be listed.

2. Google Rankings


Google Rankings also ranks keywords in a particular according to popularity. This tool will actually list the company’s website ranking based upon keywords entered. This will help users determine if they are using the correct keywords.



With paid packages, high ranking keywords will be included. For free, this website allows users to enter a website URL, and the company’s competitor will be listed. This process will inform business owners of their relative ranking. Keywords used on the competitor’s website will be an indicator of high ranking keywords. The website is user friendly with vibrant colors and useful graphics.



This company also offers information based upon the relative ranking of a website and its traffic. Users can examine competitor’s websites to find popular keywords or pay for a generated report through The reports contain charts and are easy to read.

5.Keyword Envy


Keyword Envy does not require a download or any extensive knowledge of keywords. Simply enter the website to be optimized and brainstorm about the high ranking keywords. Enter the words and determine how the words or phrases will affect a website's ranking major search engines.

Consider High Ranking Keyword Tools

Consider high ranking keyword tools to optimize a website and improve search engine ranking. When traffic increases and sales conversions are made, the return on investment is obvious.

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